About Our School


Welcome to the School and Community of All Hallows Catholic Primary School Gulgong.

We are a community of parents, staff, students, relatives and friends with our foundation stone being our belief in God.
We strive to be a community living according to the Christian values.

We encourage all members of our community to participate fully in the life of the school community.

We recognise that each child is unique in talents and needs, and aim to educate each student to their fullest potential.

We strive to develop individuals who are an active part of a living, learning and caring community.

We are a Catholic Systemic School catering for Catholic and non-Catholic students and families.

We cater for the educational needs of children from Kindergarten to Year six in Gulgong and surrounds.


All Hallows School has a long history dating back to the Goldfields of Gulgong of the 1880s when the school was established by Mary McKillop and The Josephite Sisters. Though the Sisters no longer teach in the school the current sisters in the convent are involved in the school and community and are well known and respected by the children. The school has seen many changes over the years. It is listed on the National Heritage Register due to its heritage buildings which are Spanish Mission style. All subsequent buildings have been built in sympathy with the Spanish Mission style. Though the school is a mix of old and newer buildings, all buildings are modern internally and cater for the needs of students of the 21st Century.


At All Hallows we have consciously avoided focusing our attentions and teaching upon one subject over others. We have instead maintained a focus upon developing well-rounded students who are motivated and show high participation in all areas while developing their personal talents and interests. Our feeder high schools have reflected to us that our students achieve this and are eager to interact with the wider world and have sound communication and social skills.