There are many ways of communicating with the school, and it is hoped that these forms are of use to parents in maintaining open and regular communication.

The Forms available here are as follows;

  • Enrolment Application - All students wanting to be educated in Bathurst Diocesan schools are required to complete an Application for Enrolment. This needs to be accompanied by associated documentation as listed in the application.
  • Application for Extended Exemption - this form assists families who are intending to be away for longer that a few days. It is a requirement under the legislation that families apply for students to be away, and that they have documentary proof of the application and its acceptance. This needs to be with them during the absence.
  • Absentee Form - all students who are absent from school must have, under the legislation, an explanation of their absence. Students should not be out of school for reasons other than the occasional sick day. The explanation needs to include the name of the child, the date and times away, the reason for the absence, the parents signature. Student appointments (dentist etc) should, where possible, be made after school. Holidays should, where possible, be restricted to the holiday periods.
  • Interview Request - this is required, either in some written form or by phone request, as staff are busy with their teaching focus, playground duties, meetings and extra-curricula commitments. By booking a meeting adequate time and focus can be spent on the needs of the individual child.
  • Medication Request - students must have written permission from parents to have medication at school. This includes the dosage and times for administration. Most medications are of no issue to administer. Depending upon the medical needs of the students, parents may be requested to administer the medication themselves.

Download the Enrolment Application

Download the Application for Extended Exemption

Download the Absentee Form

Download the Interview Request Form

Download the Medication Request Form

Download the Parent Handbook